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Corporate Pricing in Medina

Corporate Wellness Programs

At Mediterranean Fitness we offer many programs for on-site corporate wellness as well as wellness incentives for employees and employers. We have a passion for creating a healthy, energetic and strong staff for the corporations we serve. Health, wellness and fitness all play a part in making sure each individual from the factory worker to the doctor have the ability to keep a strong and healthy body and keeps them away from injury and sickness lowering the overall cost of healthcare over time and increasing each individual persons enjoyment of life.

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Corporate Membership Package

Benefits for a fitness package:

The employer has the ability to lower healthcare and insurance costs as well as lower the risk of injury and disease for their individual staff. This is a great investment for any company to make for each employee in the long run to increase workforce health and wellness, which increases employee satisfaction with their employer, increases output and increases profitability. The corporation can also choose to purchase the package for each employee that wishes to participate or can purchase the percentage rate for every employee regardless of participation from employees.

If an employee is terminated or quits your company for any reason just contact Mediterranean Fitness and we will remove that employee from the account.