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Child Care in Medina

Ages: 3 months to 10 years old

Child care hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00AM - 8:00PM

Saturday: 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Sunday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM



To be guaranteed a space, please make reservations in advance. Reservations may be made in person or by telephone. If space is not available for your child at the desired time, you may be placed on an alternate list and contacted if space does become available due to cancellations. Your reserved space will be held for you for fifteen minutes after your reserved time, but your child will be allowed to stay only the length of time of the initial reservation. If you are later than fifteen minutes, your space may be given to someone on the alternate list.

Maximum Time:

Members may leave children for up to two hours per visit. Reservations are recommended. There is no guarantee of space without a reservation. You must remain on Club premises while your child is in Child Care


We ask that you contact Child Care immediately if you are unable to bring your child for the time reserved. If you do not contact us within 1/2 hour of your reservation time to notify us of the cancellation, your account will be automatically charged a $6.00 non-cancellation fee. This fee has been established to insure that members do no take advantage of Child Care and reserve spaces randomly and then not use them. This same fee applies to Special Events that require reservations.

Late Pick Up:

Members must pick up their children by the end of their reserved time. For every 10 minute increment you are late, you will automatically be charged a $5.00 late pick up fee. Frequent late pick-ups may result in not being able to utilize our childcare.

Check-in Procedures:

  • Parents pay for non-member children at the Service Desk. Please bring receipt to Child Care in order to check in.
  • A label will be prepared to place on your child including name and parent information.
  • Written authorization is required if someone other than sign-in person picks up the child.
  • Please make sure that you do not leave the door to the kids door open, allowing children other than your own to leave or enter Kids area.
  • Please do not congregate in the check in/check out area. It makes it difficult for the child care staff to make sure no "extra" children make it past the entry/exit gate.
  • Parents are asked to walk their own children to the Kids area. Please make sure the Kids' Area staff are informed when you arrive and when you come to pick up your children.
  • Shoes must be off and set outside kids area
  • Socks must be worn at all times in kids area

Other Policy Information:

Absolutely no sick children will be accepted in Child Care. Children of questionable health will be denied access at the discretion of the Child Care staff. If your child becomes ill while in our care, you will be contacted immediately. Any temperature outside of 98.6 maybe questionable and may not be accepted. If a child has a temperature child may not return until 24 hours with doctor's note.

If a child misbehaves or becomes unmanageable, the parent will be informed. After 2 warnings, the child may not be permitted to come to Child Care for a period of up to two weeks. At the discretion of the Child Care Manager, the child could be dismissed from Child Care for two weeks after the first warning, depending upon the severity of the behavior.


3 months to 10 years old


$ 5.00 Dollars after 2nd child

Non-member children

$5.00 per child